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diacritics [was: Latin-alphabet trans' systems]

From:Barbara Barrett <barbarabarrett@...>
Date:Monday, February 9, 2004, 16:28
>B.Phip B.Philicitated;
>As you know I like diacritics because they allow for uniform >modifications far better than prostheticized letters do.
Barbara blithers; I must confess I've the same attraction to diacritics. Most of my invented scripts use them extensively, for purposes not usually found in natscripts. For example diacritics to indicated voicing, initial/medial-syllabic (CV form), and final-syllabic (VC form). I'd best explain the latter ;-). It grew from back-engineering a script to an early form where word-breaks didn't exist. The solution to the word division problem devised was for every letter to have a form to indicated the end of a syllable/word, ie a "final" as well as an initial/medial form. As with some ancient scripts a letter could have the value of a phoneme or its name so a diacritic was devised to clarify if a letter was intended to be read as a phonemic or a syllabic. Anyone else out there using diacritics in an unusual way? I'd really like to hear about them if you do ;-) Barbara