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Re: Affirmations - marriage?

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Friday, January 29, 1999, 18:08
>From: Brian Betty" <bbetty@...>" >Subject: Affirmations - marriage? >Status: R > >On 1-28-99, you wrote: "What is an essential property? It is a property >that an object has to have in order to retain its identity. [snip] Now >consider the word marriage: In English which is our current basis it >requires a husband and wife as essential properties. Therefore, "nexci" can >only mean that a man and a woman are involved. The word nexci necessarily >pulls the man and the woman into its definition because they are essential >properties of the definition of the basis verb or other root. Without the >man and woman, the marriage ceases to exist under the essentialist view." > >What about same-sex marriages? I'm not poking fun at you. In English for >many people "marriage" requires a man and a woman, but for many other >people it just requires 2 people (of any gender) ... I hold that the >essential properties of marriage are (at least?) 2 participants who wish to >form a legal relationship together that parallels the trust and love they >feel for each other ...
Brian: _Please_ read the whole post, especially the end, before you jump to any conclusions about where I am coming from. Then, I would appreciate your feedback. Jerry
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