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Affirmations - marriage?

From:Brian Betty <bbetty@...>
Date:Friday, January 29, 1999, 14:37
On 1-28-99, you wrote: "What is an essential property? It is a property
that an object has to have in order to retain its identity. [snip] Now
consider the word marriage: In English which is our current basis it
requires a husband and wife as essential properties. Therefore, "nexci" can
only mean that a man and a woman are involved. The word nexci necessarily
pulls the man and the woman into its definition because they are essential
properties of the definition of the basis verb or other root. Without the
man and woman, the marriage ceases to exist under the essentialist view."

What about same-sex marriages? I'm not poking fun at you. In English for
many people "marriage" requires a man and a woman, but for many other
people it just requires 2 people (of any gender) ... I hold that the
essential properties of marriage are (at least?) 2 participants who wish to
form a legal relationship together that parallels the trust and love they
feel for each other ...

a fly in the ointment,
Brian Betty

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