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Re: First post: presenting Classical Alyis

From:Abel Chiaro <pchavesjr+conlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 28, 2007, 23:38
Edgard Bikelis ziánvalye:
>I like your phonology, and the overall sound of the language. Are >all those words made from few roots? I hope so... my until now only >language has ~850 words, made from just fifty roots or so; long live to >the morphology.
Up to now, yes, I don't have many roots, but I didn't count them yet. :-) And yeah, long live morphology, long live derivational synthesis!
>Don't you think 21 cases is too much? ; ) I have eight >on mine and I already feel I could simplify a bit... like the >difference between genitive and ablative, the same thing from PIE to >ancient Greek.
Actually, my case system is inspired in the prepositions of Portuguese, which I kinda like... I considered using "just" 18, but I missed adessive, oppositive, and comitative; and I even thought about 23 cases, but noticed that eliminating <éme> (Portuguese "estar", or "to be" in its transitory meaning) and <éne> (Portuguese "ser", or "to be" in its more permanent flavor) to have the stative and the essive cases made for some very awkward constructions... :-) 21 is nice, that's 3x7... I can think of some cool concultural mnemonics coming from that.
>Now... you are brazilian, are you not? With you it makes... three of >us here? Probably more, but that's all that I saw. Maybe we could meet >somewhere like our brothers-in-arms are going to. So much certainty in >my speech, I'm so impressed ; ).
Yeah, I'm Brazilian, too. Who are the others? And yes, if we live less than a few hundred kilometers away from one another, we might very well meet in the near future... if not, there's CONLANG and IM clients for that =) Ah, and thanks for your kind comments! Cheers, - Abel. -- “Hæ ástis ínar lásteshte!”