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From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, September 28, 2000, 16:46
> Hi, everyone!
Hi, and welcome!
> I've generally been a lurker for the past few months since I've joined, > but now that I'm comfortably situated here at the University of > Washington I'm able to join the list and participate in the discussions > more fully. I'm majoring in Linguistics, happily, and I have enough > time to devote to frivolous, intellectually stimulating activities like > conlanging. So, as a first exercise, I'll throw in my translation of > the t-shirt phrase in Yivríndil:
I must have come across this conlang, the noun sounds familiar. Is there documentation on the www? Luca
> Tolupawa rukelta paril . . . tokeltawa par! > > To-lupa-wa ru-kelta par-il > IMP-fight-habit.V anti-creation language-ADJ > > to-kelta-wa par > IMP-create-habit.V [a] language. > > I had to coin a word for "extinction," and the word I coined, > "anti-creation" unintentionally forms a neat antithesis with the word > "create" in the next phrase :-). It's neat.