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Czhang's Tao Te Ching thing

From:Nihil Sum <nihilsum@...>
Date:Sunday, September 8, 2002, 2:58
This turned up in the old thread I just replied to. Might as well translate
it too. Original's at the bottom.

Jooru neles'na joor
mis'inic' joor deg'e
menat neles'na mena
mis'inic' mena deg'e
Upenar ki Zemada c'enom mena mu anc'e
paikuir kas'em mena anc'e
rhu igvurie k'azmad mirimu
berbanzec'ie wovarut mirimu
lak faaryec' meni
s'id datu adin marut
dulma mos'ibzurz
k'aal dulmam dulma
fkiva k'azmadir gez


J Y S Czhang posted:

>- from the _Tao Te Ching_ /_Daodejing_ (from the excellent translation by >Jonathan Star)
>The Way that becomes a way >is not the Immortal Way >the name that becomes a name >is not the Immortal Name >the maiden of Heaven and Earth has no name >the mother of all things has a name >thus in innocence we see the beginning >in passion we see the end >two different names >for one and the same >the one we call dark >the dark beyond dark >the door to all beginnings
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