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Re: halú

From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Sunday, February 24, 2002, 20:46
Andreas Johansson skrev:

> Camilla wrote: > >hi everyone!
Hejhej! Wohoo! En till svensk! Wii!
> Hi yourself! Nice with another Swedish Conlanger (there are a > few more, me and Daniel Andreasson being the most visible I guess).
We have Martin "RipperDoc" Fröjdh (somewhat of a newbie on this list) and BPJ (mostly lurking oldtimer) as well. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone. We had a Micke and a Susanne (who happens to be a couple) which I both know personally (they live here in Stockholm), but Micke dropped off the list because of limited time and Susanne was never on it. I helped her with her specialarbete about conlangs. Myself, I've been here for 3.5 years.
> > at this moment I'm one hundred and thirty-one messages behind, > > and gaining steadily.
Hehe. You'd better get used to it. :)
> > I live just outside Stockholm, in Sweden;
Me too! Or rather, I live just inside of Stockholm. In a student apartment at Lappkärrsberget. Camilla:
> > > anyway... sorry for being overly verbose.
> > You'll fit right in here!
> He he, on this list it's even a quality to be verbose :)) . > So don't be sorry, you'll see it's quite a characteristic of > us all :)) .
Yup. And _especially_ of Christophe! :D
> > "milda makaroner vad det ryker ur farmors ödla"
That's a nice translation exercise. I'm having trouble translating it to any of my conlangs (Cein, Rinya, Nakiltipkaspimak and Seimi). And isn't that from Bamse? Though I'm pretty sure the original is "farmors hus". I like your version better, though. :) Could you share something of your conlang(s) with us? A grammatical overview? Some grammar tidbits? A sentence or two so we can get a taste of it/them? Och just det. Du är jättevälkommen! Toppen att du hittade hit! ||| daniel -- danielandreasson @ |


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