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Re: halú

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Sunday, February 24, 2002, 19:29
En réponse à Camilla Drefvenborg <elmindreda@...>:

> hi everyone! >
Weclcome to the list!
> at this moment I'm one hundred and thirty-one messages behind, and > gaining > steadily. but I thought I'd introduce myself, being new on the list. >
I see you're already accustomed to it :)) .
> I live just outside Stockholm, in Sweden; and I've been an amateur > conlanger > most of my life, though I didn't until just recently realize it had a > name. > we had our own 'conlang' at home, consisting of words we'd used when we > were > little, plus constant new additions. in the end, our friends had to > learn to > speak it, too, since we always forgot to speak Swedish when at home :) >
How nice! Do you have lots of brothers and sisters, and were your parents part of it? :)))
> plus my parents both being multilingual, so I grew up hearing Swedish, > Amharic, English, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, etc. >
Wow! Such a family is a blessing!
> so I guess becoming a conlanger was unavoidable... *smiles* >
In this case, I think it's even genetic :)) . I suppose in such a family, being a conlanger is absolutely not frowned upon.
> my favourite language is Japanese, which has a very special place in > my > heart. and which has a tendency to influence my own under-construction > conlang, whether I want it to or not. >
Hehe, wherever it comes, Japanese seems to take the attention of everyone :)) . We're quite a few on this list to have such an influence problem :)) .
> what made me stop to say hello is that I just read my own core conlang > idea > in someone else's post. namely one by Christophe Grandsire. >
Hehe :))) Great minds think alike. It feels quite nice to be quoted by new members :)) .
> > I didn't describe thnigs like "nouns" or "verbs", but how suffixes > are > > added to roots to forms nominal and verbal words (the difference > being > that > > roots are not in essence nominal or verbal. Only the suffixes give > them > their > > function). > > and roots in my conlang are basically neutral adjectives, plus ( long > description ). >
:))) If you can read French (but you probably can in such a family :)) ), the language I was referring to is Azak, and you can find a description of it on my webpage (completely in French. The English part which was supposed to be coming is postponed later and later).
> > anyway... sorry for being overly verbose. >
He he, on this list it's even a quality to be verbose :)) . So don't be sorry, you'll see it's quite a characteristic of us all :)) . Anyway, welcome again! Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.


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