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Re: Possessive Suffixes

From:caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 17, 2005, 20:57
<christian.koettl@G...> wrote:
>In the Akkadian, possessive suffixes were frequently used; they were >attached to a noun after the case ending....
>The possessive suffixes were in the singular >-ja "my" >-ki "thy", >-ka "thy",fem.plk >-Su "his" >-Sa "her"
>in the plural >-ni "our" >-kunu "your", mask. pl. >-kina "your", >-Sunu "their", >-Sina "their",
In Biblical Hebrew (I don't know about Modern Hebrew) there were pronominal suffixes: -î "my" -ka "thy", -k "thy", -ô "his" -ah "her" -enû "our" -kem "your" -ken "your" -am "their" -an "their" There are a few modifications of these suffixes depending on the stress in the noun. These suffixes are also used as the objects of prepositions, again with some vowel modifications, e.g,, lî "to me" l'ka "to thee", ' = schwa lak "to thee", lô "to him" lah "to her" lánû "to us" lakém "to you" lakén "to you" lahém "to them" lahén "to them" Charlie