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Re: Lexicon Making

From:Jörg Rhiemeier <joerg_rhiemeier@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 25, 2006, 20:45

On Mon, 24 Apr 2006 23:49:44 +0200, Andreas Johansson wrote:

> Luckily, words coined for the immediate purpose of translation is the > minority > in the lexica of my conlangs. The best way, I find, of expanding the lexicon > while avoiding relexification is developing vocabulary and conculture in > tandem.
Yep. There are some words in Old Albic, and these are my favourite creations, which cannot be easily translated to English because they refer to concepts specific to the culture of the British Elves. One such word is _phanara_, for which the closest English equivalents are the rather technical sounding 'morphic field' and the German loanword 'gestalt'. A _phanara_ is a kind of form-giving entity inherent in an object that resonates with other entities of its kind. There are some concepts for which I don't know the Old Albic word yet, but I know that they have some word for it that isn't easily translated into English. ... brought to you by the Weeping Elf