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Re: Weekly Vocab 19

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, September 29, 2003, 15:21
Adam Walker wrote:

> --- Roger Mills <romilly@...> wrote: > > It looks a lot like Malay _mungkin_ 'possible, > > ---ly', also used for > > 'maybe, perhaps'. AFAIK it's not Arabic but I could > > be wrong. > > Well, actually it is arabic. I can't currently > remember which dialect I borrowed it from. In > Egyptian it's yimkin. I'm thinking I used a Dardja > pronunciation, but it could have been Morrocan. I've > had great trouble choosing a dialect for my Arabic > borrowings. >
Well, something new every lesson. You are correct. _Mungkin_ is the only form listed in my modern Bah.Indo. dictionary, which doesn't give origins; while the big Wilkinson 1903 Malay gives only _mumkin_, < Arab. Makes me wonder if it's a fairly recent loan. I also find "mongken < Arab." in the 1934 Atjehnese dict. which I've never gone thru word by word.