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Re: Programmers requested for dictionary

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Friday, October 27, 2000, 23:30
Uggh!  I should not post from my work again... or does somebody
remember how to force text messages with Outlook 98?

Well, what I tried to send, for those having problem reading, follows:

> > Youn Ha Ley wabbe: > > > > <wry g> I've seen Shoebox mentioned before (as others have
> > Personally, I just type everything into .html files and do
searches on pages via browser. It's been working so far, though it may prove inadequate when the file gets larger. OTOH I've seen browser search work very quickly with some pretty darn large pages, so...<shrug>
> . > HTML ;-) > Last time I was thinking in a XML schema to hold a one way
dictionary, I would like to develope it further besides tools that could coinvert my shoebox databases in that format, or generate a reverse dictionary as well. An XSLT script would be handy to represent the dictionary on the web for non XML capable browsers... or even for non-plain presentation of the dictionary.
> > One more project in my TO DO list. > > > It's definitely not for everyone, but it beats sheets of paper.
My only regret is that it's not more portable (my antiquated laptop is still somewhat heavy and gives me backaches almost as surely as my German textbook).
> . > An example database would be: > <ConlangDic> > <head> > <!-- insert copyright and dictionary version and other stuff
> </head> > <dictionary> > <entry type="verb" status="accepted"> > <value>wabbi</value> > <definition>write</definition> > </entry> > <entry type="noun"> > <value>wambito</value> > <definition>cat</definition> > <definition context="automobile">whel</definition> > </entry> > </dictionary> > </ConalngDic> > > -- Carlos Th >