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Re: Programmers requested for dictionary

From:David Stokes <dstokes@...>
Date:Friday, October 27, 2000, 22:23
On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Peter Clark wrote:

> I know there are several programmers on this list. (I sincerely > wish I was one of them!) With all this talent, I don't think that it > would take too long to create a cross-platform dictionary creator and > reader. (I use Linux, but such a program should work on Windows and > Macs.) Think of the benefit for the whole list! All we need is for > several programmers to come forward and lead the project.
I have been skecthing out ideas for a similar program, mnyself. I would be happy to colaborate on such a project. I looked at Kura ( From the web site it looks like a nice program. I would like to contribute to that, if that is the way members of the list want ot go. It seems like a good idea to me. If a number of us contribute to a single project the work should go much faster. And it looks like Boudewijn Rempt has done a lot of good work already. Of course, I'd have to learn Python, (I had been thinking of using perl), but thats probably good for me.
> Again, I wish I was a programmer--I've been teaching myself C, > but haven't gotten very far. (I'm still working on my calendar program > for the Enamyn calendar.) Next on the list is either perl or python, but > that won't be for a long while.
I'm not really a serious programer myself. I know some C and C++, and I've been learning perl. But in my experience, once you know some basic programing concept, the best way to learn is to jump in and start working on something. You can make inprovements later as you learn more.
> However, if our motives are just, and our hearts are pure, I am > sure that this list can create a decent dictionary program. > :Peter >
I agree, and I think we should try. David Stokes