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Re: North Wind and Sun - Interlinear

From:Edgard Bikelis <bikelis@...>
Date:Friday, March 2, 2007, 3:28
Joseph Fatula escreveu:
>>> The North Wind and the Sun were disputing for years about this: >>> Which one was the strongest? >>> Then a (female??) traveler came during the day, wearing a warm cloak. >>> They two talked like this: The first one to make him not to wear the >>> cloak will know (himself?) to be the strongest. >>> The North Wind was so strong to blow as to be impossible (for him?) >>> to blow any harder, but >>> the traveler still wore his cloak as to remain warm, and the North >>> Wind blew even more because of that, >>> finally giving up after the attempt. >>> The Sun then shone as to make everything warm, and the traveller >>> hurried to take his cloak off. >>> >>> Thus the Sun made the North Wind keep saying that, for years to >>> count: The Sun is the strongest. >>> >>> >>> Yep, I adorned it a bit : ). >>> >>> >>> Edgard Bikelis. >> Still, I like the adornment. In the line where "the traveler still >> wore his cloak...the North Wind blew even more", the -cna clitic >> indicates that the North Wind blowing is the cause for the traveler's >> behavior, not the other way around. >> >> Overall though, the translationese you've made here is something I >> definitely enjoy. As you can see, a word-for-word translation (what >> I have on row 3 of the interlinear) doesn't really explain it well >> enough. I might put in another line, translated more like what you >> have. >> >> Regarding the night/day thing going on with the verbs, it's actually >> a tense marker (more or less) indicating when the action was taken. >> The female marker on "traveler", however, is for agreement purposes, >> not to mark the gender of "traveler". > Take a look at it now - there's your translationese. > >
Ah, it's 1/3 mine: the original is yours, and you cleared the jungle of 'as to' and such things : ). Our translation seems to work nicely ; ). A shame that I have nothing worthy showing you... and the list. Maybe my version of the infamous Babel text... but things changed since I translated it, as they are used to, and as I just saw, it's only in portuguese... alas. Well, i will work on it and show you, then, as soon as I can. Right now I'm writing mythology (more than 15 pages just for the sketches of the first five hundred years is not a good sign!), and having breaks like this one to cool down ; ). Do you have a conscript too, btw? Edgard Bikelis.