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Finally, a script for Mun'gayöd

From:Daniel Seriff <microtonal@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 18:45
Yes, I finally made a script! It's a vertical script, obviously Arabic
inspired (with initial, medial, & final variants of each character),
with a combination of different vowel usage.

The vowel rules:

If the consonant preceding a vowel is voiceless, the vowel diacritic
must be attached to one of the 4 "carrier" vowel characters (/i/, /E/,
/V and @/, or /O/). Each carrier has a set of other vowels that can ONLY
be carried on that particular carrier.

Carrier rules:

/i/ - can take ONLY /I/, /e/, /u/, /ei/, and /U/
/E/ - takes /ao/, /A/, and /Y/
/V and @/ - takes /iu/, /OY/, /o/, /a/, and /iI/
/O/ - takes /Ai/ and /&/

If the preceding consonant is voiced, the vowel diacritic goes directly
on the consonant.

Any consonant that doesn't have a medial form is a non-connector as in
certain Arabic characters.

Here's the URL:

Daniel Seriff