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Re: Bantoid conlang - phonology

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 24, 2004, 2:39
--- Herman Miller <hmiller@...> wrote:
> Adam Walker wrote: > > > Sf is a sound which occurs in Shona. It is a sort > of > > simutaneous articulation of /f/ and a > post-alveolar > > sibilant articulated about halfway between my /s/ > and > > my /S/. > > > > +AHw-tf+AHw- is a sort of affricate with the stop > portion > > being a lamino-labial stop and the fricative > protion > > being /T/. > > > > The other two are the voiced counterparts of said. > > > > Ideas on how to represent these sounds in IPA and > > X-Sampa or whatever we're using now? > > The "lamino-labial" stop might be what's called > "linguolabial".
Oops. That is, indeed, what I meant. With a hous full of hungry people urging me towards the kitchen . . . Well, I shoulda been more careful. The mark
> for this is [+AF8-N]
Unfortunately, my email couldnt handle any of the characters you sent. In fact, after returning from your emailer, even my own character | was mangled. All I got was a lot of +AF8-N type stuff. Switiching the encoding to unicode changed nothing. Adam ===== Indjindrud edjuebu ul Ozias ad ul Jotam. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Jotam ad ul Acaz. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Acaz ad ul Ezecias. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Ezecias ad ul Manases. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Manases ad ul Amos. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Amos ad ul Josias. Machu 1:9-10