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My new IPA resource

From:Morgan Palaeo Associates <morganpalaeo@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 17, 2002, 11:20
I'm planning to update the conlanging section of my website in the near
future, and as the first step in these updates I have just created my
own IPA resource.

It's a gallery of graphics featuring a selection of IPA symbols, but
with an extra feature: the 'alt' field for each 'img' tag displays a
description of the articulation as well as the X-SAMPA representation
of the symbol.

The source might well be useful for other conlangers to copy and paste
from during their own website construction.

I'd be grateful if some people would visit and tell me, firstly,
whether I've made any mistakes, and secondly, general comments such as
whether it's really a good and useful idea (and remember, I'm a long
way from being an IPA expert myself: just because I use a symbol
doesn't always mean I really understand it).

Here's the site:




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