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Re: script support (was Translations: work slogans )

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Sunday, February 5, 2006, 4:11
Tim May wrote:
> I can't read Sinhala, but I went to some trouble to be able to display > it. > > විශේෂයෙන් වරිගයේ ඇත්තන් අතරේ පවතින > විවාහය ගැමි දිවියේ ප්‍රබල > අංගයකි. > > Doesn't actually show up in this mail client, mind you, but every > indication is that that should go through unscrambled. (I've no idea > what it says, so I take no responsibilty for the content. It's just > the first sentence from my test-file.)
Looks like Sinhala to me (reading it in Mozilla Thunderbird), but there's no telling if it's being rendered correctly. The ones I have the most trouble with on the web (in Wikipedia for instance) are Malayalam and Oriya, which show up as a bunch of rectangles. Buginese shows up as question marks. Tibetan is all spaced out (with all characters showing up as spacing characters instead of combining characters), even though I've installed a working Tibetan font. A few other scripts also have problems. If I could actually read these languages I might have more of an incentive to figure out how to get them to work, but for now it's just nice to be able to look at a page and see that it's in Tibetan, or Inuktitut, or whatever. It'd be nice if it ever gets to the point where it's easy to install support for whatever script you want to use (including your own that you've created). Still, it's amazing enough that so many scripts and languages are already supported to some extent.