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Re: Brilliant!

From:Kvasir - Vaijskä <kvasir@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 13, 2002, 15:20
WOW!!! Thankx for the tip Andreas!!

Honestly when i made up the names for Fyksian duchies i had no idea about any
Swedish provinces. How about that, how instinct works mystery again. :o)

Indeed, Fyksland was part of Norway, and later part of Denmark till 1547. So
the immigrants from Bohuslän must have come before then. The Danish renamed
many places during their rule, so Jølantä (sorry for the typo in earlier posts)
must have come through then. That's one way to explain it.

Seems like Fyksland is not so fake afterall...  :o)


Kvasir wrote:
>Indeed, the country has some kind of history with Denmark, as you can see >from >some of the place names. Niekopenhaag is one of them and indeed it means >New >Copenhagen. As for Jørlantä, it could be related to Jutland, maybe not... >:o)
Surely not! It simply must be related to the Swedish place-name "Jörlanda" (some km from which I used to live)! Clearly Fyksland received a wave of immigrants from Bohuslän* at some point ... * Pronvince on Sweden's West Coast, that belonged to Norway until the 17th century. Andreas -- Get your firstname@lastname email at