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Re: class conlang project

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, April 10, 1999, 6:19
What a fabulous idea, Matt!   How many students do you have,
and can you find out if any of them have ever thought of making
a language up on their own?  Or done it?

O I would love to do that here!  (I especially like the wooden
wheel.  This eliminates debate and disagreement, and has a game-
quality ambience to it.  Just terrific.)  But as I'm not a linguist, my
notions of teaching "glossopoiea" have revolved around looking
at actual inventions, starting with Hildegard, etc.



> Hi folks, > > As some of you know, I currently attempting to finish my PhD in > linguistics at UCLA. This quarter I'm the teaching assistant for a > class called Honors 56, "Language as a Window on the Mind". For our > study sections this term, my students and I will be engaged in a > project which might be of some interest to this list, to wit: we > will be constructing an invented language.
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