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From:Aaron Morse <artlangs@...>
Date:Sunday, April 17, 2005, 16:46
Myself and my team just released PHPDictionary 3.0 -- the perfect dictionary 
management tool for conlangers. It is written in PHP and MySQL so to run it 
you will need either:

A.) A webhost that supports PHP -- a good FREE one is
B.) A program such as AppServ installed on your computer (if you want to run 
it on your computer, not the web)

To quote from the release statement:

 As the administrator of the PHPDictionary project, I am proud to announce 
> the release of PHPDictionary 3.0b. The script is being released as a beta > because of lack of testing after the installation script was written. > However, the script was fully tested prior to the creation of that script. > There are a few features that will not work, which is because they have not > been coded yet. > > PHPDictionary has taken a gigantic leap since its original release. Not > only is it now programmed by a team as opposed to an individual, the entire > layout and organization of the code has been restructured. Among the new > features are: a Multi-User Login (MUL) system, a word generator, a > phrasebook, a text tool, and an all-new user interface. > > The MUL is a powerful system capable of anything anyone might wish for. It > has a 4 level user tier -- the top level, administrator, can add and delete > users and dictionaries. The level below that can work on a dictionary, and > add users to that dictionary but cannot delete users or add new dictionarys. > The level below that can work on a dictionary, but cannot effect user > membership at all. The level below that is a guest, someone who is not > logged in and cannot administrate a dictionary. Because of this MUL, > multiple different dictionaries can created and managed by different levels > of members, with only one installation of the script. > > The Word Generator will randomly generate words from a phonology you > create through the Phonology Creator, which is stored inside the database. > It will then allow you to automatically add one of the generated words to > your dictionary. This is a whole new leap in dictionary management. Instead > of creating a word, or generating a word, and then having to copy it into > your dictionary, PHPDictionary does all the work for you! > > You may now also manage a phrasebook, and add texts. A Babel-Text tool > allows you to add a Babel Text without having to type up the English > version. You may also add custom texts. > > The search tool is more and more powerful -- now searching by English > word/phrase/text, Conlang word/phrase/text, word type, and word root. You > may also sort words in any way -- By root and then English, or by root and > then Conlang, type, etc. > > A GUI, created by one of the team members utilizing a Javascript menu, > makes it easy to navigate and understand. Optional free registration is > included, if you wish to let the team know you are using the script. > > This script is the ultimate in online (or offline) dictionary management. > If you have problems, free support is available by e-mailing aaron at > artlangs dot com, posting in the <>forums, or IMing > on MSN, artlangs on YIM, or conlang331 on AIM. > > Download the script from >