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CHAT Patagonian Welsh (was: Brithenig misunderstood)

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Sunday, April 17, 2005, 6:00
On Saturday, April 16, 2005, at 02:42 , Pablo Flores wrote:

> On 4/16/05, Joe <joe@...> wrote: >> Ray Brown wrote: >>> ..and also, sadly, the real Welsh who settled Patagonia which is now >>> part >>> of Argentina. >> >> I don't know about all of them. I'm pretty sure there's still a >> minority of Welsh-speakers in the Chubut Valley. > > It seems there's a Welsh-speaking community in Trevelin, Chubut. > According to <> > (in Spanish) even the younger generations speak Welsh and practice > their old customs and religion.
Great - you two have made my day :) Trevelin? Obviously the Argentinian way of spelling Welsh 'Trefelin' "Milltown" (<-- tre "town" + melin "mill") - tho Chubut ain't Welsh ;)
> I'm sure there are other speakers in the rest of the province.
I hope so, a report I heard on the TV a few years back was depressing - but maybe there's more recently been a revival. O bydded i'r hen iaith barhau! Ray =============================================== =============================================== Anything is possible in the fabulous Celtic twilight, which is not so much a twilight of the gods as of the reason." [JRRT, "English and Welsh" ]


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