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Re: Final Line-up I think.

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Monday, May 31, 1999, 21:40
Carlos, take note:
Add Josh Shinavier to the list; he just wrote me,
and would like to join the circle.  So send your
translation to him.

After this I don't think we can take anymore... I
realize why it's so difficult for me to catch new
messages.  For some reason, and I hate to make this a
technial gripe, but there it is, Netscape has a capricious
way of adding new messages to my "inbox."  I have
to scan up and down because it will insert some
of its new messages into an area that I've marked
as "read."  If I have posted a bunch of messages,
and I'm seeing a long line of "Sally Caveses,"
it will invariably put any new messages that I
ask it to gather BEFORE my own posted messages.  At
least it prints new messages in bold.  I grant
it that.  But I have over 2000 messages downloaded
onto my harddrive, and maybe that's why it's
acting like this.  That's since last September.

So the final part of the list will look like
this, and it's CARLOS THOMPSON who should sit
up and take notice, because he's the one who
has to send it now to Joshua.  Joshua will
send his to Fabian, and Fabian to Irina.

But please... no more takers!  That's for
the next game!  Sally

> Adam Parrish. > Andrew Smith > Carlos Thompson
> Fabian