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Killer IPA strings was Re: Yer Ugly Mug is open for business!

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 29, 2003, 23:16
On Tuesday 29 April 2003 04:30 pm, Robert B Wilson wrote:
> how about a death threat in kxqqhwiiallccre > [L\_rR\_0h_vH_0y{_0L\j\_r9_0]? > txroollcx qxracc hr??juaaqxltxm ccamwu? iimttjall! > [l`_rL_q_02L\L_r N\_o_oL_q{_0j\_r h_vL_qY_0{N\_o_ol`l`_rF j\_r{_0FHYk_q > yFz`_rL{_0L\] > hehe! i don't think it matters that that's a death threat... anyone who > tries to pronounce it will probably kill himself ;)))
I'll say! I had to feed the above text into the X-SAMPA translator[1] just to make any sense of it at all, and I am still hopelessly lost as to how in the heck that is pronounced. Too bad there's not an IPA-to-speech program. That would be really great! :Peter [1] -- Oh what a tangled web they weave who try a new word to conceive!