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Re: Ayeri: Longer text & Sound example

From:Simon Richard Clarkstone <s.r.clarkstone@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 10, 2004, 23:43
Carsten Becker wrote:
> The soundfile is accessible at >[1].mp3 > <> > > > It's 16 sec long! The longest recording that has ever been > made in Ayeri :-) > > Ack, I know that it has too much [aoaeaoiaoe] and > [nAnggAnggAng] in it. This is due to the grammar in > most cases and no language sounds 100% beautiful. OK, maybe > except Tolkien's langs, but he as t3h m45t0r 0f k0nl4n6z > th4t r0x0rz y00r s0x0rz doesn't count :-P > > Enjoy & please comment,
I think it sounds beautiful, especially the poly-/multi-phthongs (i.e. longer than diphthongs) and the nasals (i.e. the bits you are criticising). It is like Elvish without all those [l]s and [T]s. I suspect that a daughter conlang would take a bit of a walloping, to get rid of about 20% of the syllables. Natives *will* abbreviate and *will* fail to see the beauty of the whole thing in their mission to communicate. <TANGENT TYPE=SILLY> BTW, I don't think that "r0x0rz y00r s0x0rz" works in normal English, only in 133t. Hmmm... a conlang based on leet, that would be cool: 4ll j00r 8453 4r3 831on6 2 u5!!!!1#!@!! all 2P.POS base.PL be.3P.PL own-by/control-by (etc; I can't do glosses.) We own/have control of all your tools/resources. </TANGENT> -- Simon Richard Clarkstone*rkst*n* / s*m*n_cl*rkst*n*