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Ayeri: Longer text & Sound example

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Monday, November 8, 2004, 18:33

I've put myself at translating the story of the "Northwind
and the Sun" (Temihin nay Perin) German > Ayeri > English finally.

Here's the FIRST SENTENCE. (T = Trigger, otherwise as usual)

| Einst stritten sich Nordwind und Sonne,
| time-some.LOC T:A PS.quarrel.3pl^a north-wind A.cold and sun.T,
| Viarilea ang macubriyàn temihin nusatyo nay Perinin,
| via4i'lea N ma'kub4iAn t_de'mihin nu'sat_d_jo nAi) pe'rinin
| At some time, quarreled northwind cold and sun,
| wer von ihnen beiden wohl der Stärkere wäre,
| REL.A among two.NMLZ.LOC T:A to=be=more=than.S_j.3pl^a.T A.strong,
| sang luga samnoea ang engongiyànin numicyo,
| sAN 'luga sAmno'ea N eN'gONgiAnin nu'mik_jo
| who among the two would be stronger,
| als ein Wanderer,
| and this-time.LOC a.A-traveller.T T:A PS.come.3sg^e way.LOC,
| nay edauyiea loasanoin ang masahaiyè sasanoea,
| nAi) 'ed_dawi.'ea lwA'sanoin AN masa'hajE sa'sano.ea
| and at this time a traveller came on the way,
| der in einen warmen Mantel gehüllt war, des Weges daher kam.
| REL.A PS.wrap.CAU.3sg^e inside=of a.P-cloak.LOC OBL.warm .
| sang manaiconisaiyè cong metovaea eimato.
| sAN manA_j:kOni.'saiE kON met_dova'ea Ei)'mat_do
| who was wrapped into a cloak warm.

The soundfile is accessible at[1].mp3

It's 16 sec long! The longest recording that has ever been
made in Ayeri :-)

Ack, I know that it has too much [aoaeaoiaoe] and
[nAnggAnggAng] in it. This is due to the grammar in
most cases and no language sounds 100% beautiful. OK, maybe
except Tolkien's langs, but he as t3h m45t0r 0f k0nl4n6z
th4t r0x0rz y00r s0x0rz doesn't count :-P

Enjoy & please comment,

Eri silveváng aibannama padangin.
Nivaie evaenain eri ming silvoieváng caparei.


Simon Richard Clarkstone <s.r.clarkstone@...>