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Culture websites?

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 3, 2003, 10:13
Hello all. No, I'm not back, just dropping in to ask a question.

At university, I'm currently studying a topic called "Language, Culture and
Communication". For the first assignment I had to interview someone with at
least four years continuous experience of learning a foreign language. For the
second assignment I had to answer one of the questionnaires at:
(I chose the Sentence Completion exercise) and write an essay on how my answers
were influenced by my culture. Incidentally, I've made friends with someone in
my class who tried to design a "language" when she was seven.

For reasons having to do with the third assignment, can anyone please suggest
websites that are similar but different to the above (Cultura) website? That is
to say, websites that ask good questions for understanding and comparing the
values of arbitrary different cultures?

Replies by email, please - morg0072 at flinders dot edu dot au - and I will
recieve them gratefully.


ObConlang: An Israeli email correspondent of mine writes, "In some tribes in
Africa one must ritually hunt a lion for one to be considered adult; in Britain,
one must invent an adjective. Hebrew only has 100,000 words (200,000, according
to some), whereas English features over 1 million. In my humble opinion, English
is little more than "The Language of 900,000 Additional Adjectives".