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Today's all-purpose reply (inc. Tech syllable inversion)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 28, 1999, 14:31
Danny Wier <dawier@...> wrote:
> > Now onto a distinctive feature of Tech inflection. Not only are vowels > shifted betwixt one of three gradations (zero/'schwa' < short > long), and > consonant mutations along the lines of Welsh and Irish, a CV sequence in the > original root becmes VC -- that is, it reverses!
Do you know of any natlang that does this (or similar stuff)? I think I once had that in mind, but I thought it wasn't very naturalistic. Do you have any (linguistic, diachronic) idea why this reversal happens?
> esso 'to stay' (also can mean 'to be') > > There is an implied glottal stop at the beginning of the word, so it's > really ?esso, where ss = retroflex s. You have CVCV, two CV's, so you have > the following permutations: > > eoss > e'sso (?e > e?) > e'oss
What do these mean? Does the reversal have predictable grammatical meaning? [snipped lots and lots of vowels] Do you by any chance have a memory chip implanted in your brain? :) --Pablo Flores