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Whether we're thin and rich

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 28, 1999, 14:26
Charles <catty@...> wrote:
> Sally Caves wrote: > > > Started by Tom Weir in a comment about whether conlanging is a > > rich European pastime for people with a lot of time on their hands. > > > A great many of us had already started doing this > > before we met each other on the list.
That's true. I didn't even have a computer at first. My first serious attempts were afterwards; I had a computer already, but hadn't even thought of having Internet or e-mail. (However, the first e-mail message I sent from home was to the listserver to subscribe.)
> Of all the people in any area where there is not much language mixing, > some try to learn a "foreign" language for impractical reasons, > most of them become frustrated and fail the attempt, then some of > those decide they themselves could make a "better" language, and > some of those end up here. Or maybe it's the reverse or something else.
Other reasons too: a) imitating Tolkien, b) imitating Tolkien and others without even knowing them (but for the same reasons), c) they want to play and they get tired of model plains and trains -- too simple! --Pablo Flores