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Possible Nanoling inventory.

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Monday, February 2, 2004, 21:19
I've been mentioning my Dwarvish conlang project a few times now. Below's the
current proposed phonemic inventory:

.        Labial Dental Retro Palatal Velar Uvular

vl stop  p      t      t`    c       k     q
^h stop  p^h    t^h    t`^h  c^h     k^h   q^h
vd stop  b      d      d`    J\      g     G\
affric   pP     ts     t`s`  cC      kx    qX
fric     P      s      s`    C       x     X
nasal    m      n      n`    J       N     N\
Lat      -      l      l`    L       L\    -
Lat affr -      tl     t`l`  cL      kL\   -
Trill    B\     r      r`    -       -     R\
Tap      -      4      4`    -       -     -

"Semivowels": j w ?\

Vowels: i u a

Far from the nastiest seen on conlang, but already well beyond what I can
actually pronounce reliably! (And no, I cannot be bothered to put a [_d] on
all those dentals!)

Syllable structure is going to be pretty simplistic - probably CVN, where

Orthography is going to be a killer - as mentioned, I'm planning to use the
Meghean 18-letter alphabet!

In case I find that the above isn't sufficient trouble, I may extend the
phonemicity of aspiration to other classes beyond voiceless stops. How 'bout a
aspirated velar lateral affricate? :evil:



Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>