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Re: CHAT: ASCII IPA transcriptions (was Re: Miapimoquitch cat's cradle)

From:And Rosta <a-rosta@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 16, 2002, 3:12
Philip Newton:
> On 14 Apr 02, at 19:31, And Rosta wrote: > > > Philip: > > > > > > Heh. I haven't learned it, either -- my first couple of posts that > > > included phonemic or phonetic transcriptions used ASCII IPA, since > > > that's what I was accustomed to from alt.usage.english and later > > > sci.lang. But now I use X-SAMPA in deference to the custom of the group > > > -- which means that I always have to look up the web page first ;) > > > > It never used to be the custom of the group. It has sort of crept up > > on us as a de facto standard without our consent, in a way reminiscent > > of the Windows OS. > > Is that so? Hm. Thanks for the information; I haven't been on the list > for that long. I just got the impression that a fair number of people > used X-SAMPA and that it was the _de facto_ standard. > > Was it not always so? What did people use before the invasion of the > Sampists? Or did everyone have their own scheme?
One relied on common sense. One used the obvious ascii representations of IPA symbols, and defined any nonobvious ones as necessary. One picked up various conventions, such as Q for IPA inverted script a. One looked forward to the day when IPA symbols could be sent by email without one's having to endure the horrors of contemporary HTML email. --And.


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