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OT: Alces alces

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Saturday, May 31, 2003, 23:54
Andreas Johansson scripsit:

> On the streets? It happens, but isn't common. Unlike hitting one in 100km/h at > the motorway.
When you drive into the U.S. state of Maine (in the northeast corner), ther is a sign telling you how many people have been killed in moose accidents that year, continuously updated (by hand; it's a non-electronic sign). American _Alces alces_ are tall enough that no part of the animal's body is visible to a driver at night except the legs, which are pretty spindly. So if a moose is crossing the highway at night, a driver can smash right into its legs without being aware of it -- after which up to 550 kg of moose meat falls on the car. See . Similar problems occur in Alaska and Canada. -- And through this revolting graveyard of the universe the muffled, maddening beating of drums, and thin, monotonous whine of blasphemous flutes from inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond Time; the detestable pounding and piping whereunto dance slowly, awkwardly, and absurdly the gigantic tenebrous ultimate gods -- the blind, voiceless, mindless gargoyles whose soul is Nyarlathotep. (Lovecraft) John Cowan||


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