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Rradhdel qog (was: RE: Poetry: alliteration)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Friday, January 7, 2000, 16:40
I wrote:
> I'll be trying some alliterative verse in Draseléq > soon -- I have to think of a good topic.
And here is something. Not very good, but it's my first attempt (with marks over the main alliterations): Rradhdel qog golthnes qanan ^ ^ qaik dimek tanmür duith rrosned ^ ^ Ratsür thend arsel thram renhandh ^ ^ Suek graishadh rei, i gisved olmes ^ ^ vésseval lüss lif vösal gar ^ ^ The patterns are quite irregular, but I think the overall effect is nice, even if not orderly. _Rradhdel_ in line 1 and _rrosned_ in line 2 are purposefully alliterating, whether that is permisible or not over different lines... Line 4 is somehow poor, but _gar_ in line 5 could complete the effect, mirroring the _Rradhdel... rrosned_ pattern. _Ratsür... renhandh_ are another secondary pattern, as well as the sounds /v l s f/ in the last line. Interlinear translation: 1. Rradhdel qog golthnes qanan in_pain speak.3s guardian.GEN face.ACC 'Moaning speaks at the guardian's face --' _Rradhdel_ 'moaning, in pain' is not the subject, but an adjective applied to it; the VSO order has been relaxed to VOS here (the subject is _rrosned_ in line 2). _Golthnes_ is GEN of _golthon_; the root is <golth-> 'vigilance, guard', and also 'tower, high place of observation'. 2. qaik dimek tanmür duith rrosned where green.3p beach.LOC pebbles sea_wind '-- the sea wind where the pebbles are green on the beach' This should be enough for any local hearer to guess the place. It's the tower of Dimeldüstan, in the south-east end of Thaqulm, just over a high wave-beaten cliff. The pebbles are green because moss and lichens grows over them -- Dimeldüstan is _dimel-duithes-tanam_, "Green Pebbles' Beach". Dimeldüstan is a key point of the southern borders of the kingdom. 3. Ratsür thend arsel thram renhandh high+LOC alone being command.3s men.GRP.ACC 'Up there alone he commands the men' The LOCative case ending, <-ür>, is transparently a contraction of an old word meaning 'place, location', and as such it is applied on many non-nominal fossilized constructions. _thend arsel_ 'alone being' is almost always pronounced as one word, stressed on the first syllable. 4. Suek graishadh rei, i gisved olmes over mountains.GRP look.3s * warm house.GEN 'Over the mountains he looks, (and)(out) of the warm house --' 5. vésseval lüss lif vösal gar faint voices from mother_and_daughter hear.3s '-- he hears faint voices from a mother and her daughter' _Vösal_ is to mother/daughter as 'parents' is to father/ mother, except it's singular; from context one should understand that these are the wife and the daughter of the guardian. --Pablo Flores