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CHAT: unsolicited nicknames

From:Dirk Elzinga <dirk_elzinga@...>
Date:Monday, April 8, 2002, 21:20
At 11:16 PM -0400 04/07/02, J Y S Czhang wrote:
> Aaahhh... I guess peeps can kinda guess 2 of my Emerging Favourite >ConLangs are: Rokbeigalmki andKinya (added to my other favs: Tunu, Kelen, ... >ah, blimey I can't recall Christophe's RomanceConLang's name right off the >top o' me head... well, I like all of CG's stuff... & Herman "Teamouse" >Miller's ConLangs, too, (esp'ly Ludeiro) & Dirkmeister's Tepa, of course...
Hmmm. Haven't been called "Dirkmeister" since high school (I was in fact called that by several people -- one of those unsolicited nicknames, you know). Talk about a "blast from the past". Thanks for the endorsement of Tepa, BTW. Dirk -- Dirk Elzinga Man deth swa he byth thonne he mot swa he wile. 'A man does as he is when he can do what he wants.' - Old English Proverb