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Re: Morphems

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Monday, June 25, 2001, 19:38
thanks for your answer i feel abit enlightened now.
1.some interjections got a clear meaning like "wow!" (=wonder), "yay" (=joy).
2.some got a more unclear meaning, like "ntch!" or "ts ts ts", but may express a certain feeling.
3.some got no meaning just imitate a sound, like "meow!","plop" called onomopoeia.

is "ideophones" catch-all-term for these ?
the words described in point 2 are the most interesting.


JC> claudio scripsit:

>> the helazoids ( my con-society ) >> improvise funwords without common meaning, intended to express feelings, >> words which "sound" like the actual mood of the speaker e.g. funny, angry, >> pleasent, etc. no matter if they imitate a sound or not. >> so this is not the same as pure onomatopoeia's. >> and it isnt nonsense, it got its sense. it just got no common meaning. >> how would you call something like this ?
JC> "Ideophones". Tamil, among natural languages, is especially rich in these, JC> to the point of having a special dictionary containing nothing but. JC> They are also very common in African languages. JC> Here's an excerpt from an old post of mine, which somehow got mixed JC> up in the Lojban archives:
>>Modern Standard Tamil has a vast variety of these words, >>and uses the frame "saying X" to introduce them:
>>1) kaacu n.ang eNRu vizuntatu >> coin *clang* saying down fell >> The coin fell down with a clang.
>>is a fairly literal usage (note the SOV order). The word >>"n.ang" is interesting for being phonologically bizarre: >>Tamil words do not ordinarily begin with a retroflex nasal, >>nor end with a velar nasal. A less literal use is exhibited by:
>>2) avaN maNacu kuRukuRu eNRu mayankiNatu >> mind his *throbbing-pulsing* saying was-confused >> His mind was confused by guilt.
>>where the term "kuRukuRu", literally denoting a throbbing- >>pulse sound, is transferred to mean "guilt". There is a large >>dictionary of Tamil containing only ideophones.
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