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Re: another new verb

From:Joel <jjh@...>
Date:Saturday, July 13, 2002, 21:00
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> friend of mine has just sent me a message using the verb 'to > geek' . . . meaning presumably to do computer-centric things, > or, in his definition 'lit means iwill have the net on and > relax at home with a few bottles of red wine and a nice curry > and have music in the background and sit on the net looking > at what ever i feel to'
Looks like that word would be the my primary action when im awake...
> would it be strong or weak ? > > geek, [geekst], geeks, geek, geek, geek > i geeked/i gaught > i have geeked/i have gaught. > > i think we have to know !
Considering how English tends to manage new verbs, I believe It would be "geeked" in the past tense.
> incidentally, my brother always used to treat the phrase > 'have to' as 'haft to', and thus formed the past tense as > 'hafted to'. still does in fact, and he's now 18. i suppose > it's a bit like 'i used to', /'just@/ being negated as 'i > didn't use to' (sp?) /'dId¬n? 'just@/ rather than 'i used not > to', which my father would say.
I do it too. Actually, I say both, (hafted to, had to), depending on the action, or so it would seem. Joel Heikkila - -------------------------------------- MSN: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: PGPfreeware 7.0.3 for non-commercial use <> iQA/AwUBPTCUNrDHKie51iZIEQL4DACcCNiLlZDb3Gg2vlhe4tFhhYYtLDIAoI1m PRUpG2U3caJmRNpjVSYYyL7j =gFNy -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----