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Derived adpositions (< Linguistic term for ease of changing word-class)

From:Dana Nutter <li_sasxsek@...>
Date:Monday, August 11, 2008, 20:51
> [] On Behalf Of Jim Henry
> > I'm not sure yet what it would mean to convert an entity or > quality root into a preposition.
I have derived prepositions in Sasxsek. The suffix "-u" makes a lexical into a preposition. bon = good bonu = for the benefit of; for the sake of (benefactive) gol = target, intend, aim, goal, purpose golu = for (the purpose of) kron = to pass time kronu = at (temporal) tav = to be located/situatated tavu = at (spatial) dab = to press/push dabu = against diq = top diqu = on top of, atop fam = to be related famu = related to hin = interior hinu = in(side) sot = exterior sotu = out(side) of gul = age gulu = at the age of hav = to have/possess havu = belonging to, of iob = to exceed iobu = exceeding, beyond let = to permit/allow letu = permitted by noc = posterior nocu = behind dek = right deku = to the right of tem = theme, subject temu = about, regarding


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