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Re: New Polysynthetic (?) Language

From:Joseph Fatula <joefatula@...>
Date:Sunday, June 3, 2007, 4:41
taliesin the storyteller wrote:
> * Paul Bennett said on 2007-06-02 18:44:55 +0200 > >> * On Sat, 02 Jun 2007 05:08:38 -0400, David J. Peterson >> <dedalvs@...> wrote: >> >>> * Joseph wrote: >>> >>>> Hang on - it looks like I didn't explicitly set the >>>> encoding to Unicode. That's changed now. >>>> >>> That fixed it! Totally and completely! Wow. I guess >>> that's something to keep in mind in the future... >>> >> It's not perfectly fixed. As of right now, the HEAD tag >> (containing the charset declaration) and the Stylesheet link >> are placed outside the HTML tag, and technically do not form >> part of the document -- any browser would be perfectly within >> its rights to ignore both of them. >> > > The joys of Dreamweaver. To prevent this in the future, if it's > HTML and you're not using LATIN1 or ASCII, set the encoding. If > it's XHTML and you're not using UTF8 or ASCII, set the encoding. > If you do not control the webserver, set the encoding (as it > might be set to serve everything in, say KOI-8 or something.) > And *then* you run it through tidy or some other valdiator/ > reconfabulator. This especially goes for pages not written 100% > by hand, tag by tag. > > > t. >
This isn't actually a Dreamweaver problem - I started out doing the coding by hand, and never thought to include a UTF encoding tag. Now that I know about it, however, I won't be making that same mistake twice. Or at least, I'm less likely to. ____________________________________________________________ KEEP SPYWARE OFF YOUR COMPUTER - Protect your computer with Spyware Terminator! Visit and find out more!