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From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 17:20
Random fact of the day about my conlang... ;-)

Physical verb, Ke'kh /k<h>Ex/ (Kirsh), "to harm", "to injure", "to hurt".

Incidental forms: "to (unintentionally) hurt or injure"
        Inceptive:      Ke'kh           /k<h>Ex/
        Progressive:    k3Ki'kh         /kV"k<h>ix/
        Perfective:     Kuu'kh          /k<h>u:x/
Deliberative forms: "to deliberately hurt or injure"
        Inceptive:      uKe'kh          /uk<h>Ex/
        Progressive:    kuKi'kh         /kuk<h>ix/
        Perfective:     Ku-u'kh         /k<h>u?ux/
Consequential forms: "to be caused to hurt or injure"
        Inceptive:      aKe'kh          /ak<h>Ex/
        Progressive:    kaKi'kh         /kak<h>ix/
        Perfective:     Kau'kh          /k<h>a?ux/

Points of interest:
1) Kuu'kh and Ku-u'kh differ only in the fact that the former has the long
   vowel u, while the latter has u split into two short vowels. The
   glottal stop is the only thing that differentiates between "to injure
   unintentionally" and "to injure deliberately"!

2) The sound of the word in each of its forms conveys its meaning (well,
   at least to me!) Especially if you pronounce K as the ejective /k'/
   instead of (merely) the aspirate /k<h>/, which is also a valid
   pronunciation of K. :-P

3) The accent marks (') indicate syllables of high pitch.

4) Example sentences:
   i)   bii'l3n0 Kuu'kh              mangu'
        boy(org) injures(incid,perf) horse(rcp)
        "The boy (probably unintentionally) injures the horse."

   ii)  bii'l3n0 Ku-u'kh             mangu'
        boy(org) injures(delib,perf) horse(rcp)
        "The boy deliberately injures the horse."

   iii) bii'l3n0 Kau'kh               mangu'
        boy(org) injures(conseq,perf) horse(rcp)
        "The boy injures the horse (because he was asked to or made to)."

   [Pronunciation guide:
        bii'l3n0 --> /bi:lV"nO/
        mangu'   --> /maNu/

Questions, comments, criticisms, flames, fan-mail (ahem), are welcome. ;-)
[*dons flamesuit]