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Visuals from sound. Was: (Re(2): Synesthesia)

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, December 9, 1999, 12:30 writes:
> BTW, although I don't consider myself as having synesthesia >as such, musical compositions (as a whole, not notes or chords) >often impress me as having color --- but in my case it's always >a combination of two colors! For example: Tchaikovski's 5th >symphony is blue-gold. His 6th symphony is silver-dark green. >Dvorak's New World symphony is gray-yellow. Interestingly, >it doesn't go the other way: colors have never suggested music to me.
I dont think I have Synesthesia but as for songs, I see scenery with them. For instance, If I listen to a song where it builds up to a climax, I see kind of a cascade of water, where the climax is the water hitting the splash pool. Odd I know :). I'll also see kinf of a rocket ascending the heavens and finally exploding at the climax. I'll also imagine different scenes. Slow songs evoke lazy, rainy thunderstorm filled days. Fast songs i'll imagine myself speeding down a city street at high speed. With sad or dark songs, I see a very dark, cold, rainy night. Recently for my art class, we had to draw three different sounds or songs. I drew: the sound of a cracking stick, an electronic bell chime, and the intro to a favorite song (Come Into My Arms - Judy Torres). - For the cracking stick i visualized it as a small explosion with sparks flying out, and bolts of electricity shooting out from the break. - For the electronic bell, i visualized smooth intertwining waves wrapped with electricity. - For the song intro I imagined a ball of energy rising up lazily, with a smoke trail behind it. Then finally at the climax of the introduction I saw it as an explosion with bolts of electricity coming out. As you can see, all three gave me an impression that it was electric at some point in the sound / song.