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your conlang, please? (Rich Aunt gets hold of the Lunatic Survey)

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Thursday, October 1, 1998, 4:18
...and how would you characterize it in fifty words more or less?
You've been overwhelming me with wonderful revelations.  For those of you
who have answered at length but not divulged, it would help me to know:

                 11) what your conlang is called,

                 12) what are its unique features, and

                 13) whether you have a website.

Come on!  Just hit that return button!  A lot of this I know already, and
can check on in Kennaway, but it would be a convenience.

                 14) Also: Mikhail Bakhtin wrote (in _Problems of
Dostoevsky's Poetics_):

        The life of the word is contained in its transfer from
        one mouth to another, from one context to another context,
        from one social collective to another, from one generation
        to another generation.

Of course this is precisely what we CAN'T say about "private languages."
Does that bother you that your language has a speaker of one?  Some of
you get together and learn each other's languages.  I'm thinking in
particular of Brithenig and Kernu (whose inventors have remained notably
silent!)  Is one of the appeals of a private invented language that you
alone know its secrets and control its development?

        What would happen if someone got hold of your conlang and
        vast numbers began using it and speaking it and changing it?
        Remember the "No Rich Aunt" scenario?  What if she made you
        a village?

Sally Caves

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