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your conlang, please? (Rich Aunt gets hold of the Lunatic Survey)

Tuesday, October 6, 1998,1:28Tim Smith
Monday, October 5, 1998,23:47Hawksinger
Monday, October 5, 1998,14:36Orjan Johansen
Sunday, October 4, 1998,16:41Laurie Gerholz
Sunday, October 4, 1998,15:32R. Skrintha
Saturday, October 3, 1998,19:15some Cook, Himes, or Concepcion
Friday, October 2, 1998,9:07Nik Taylor
Friday, October 2, 1998,8:41Christophe Grandsire
Friday, October 2, 1998,5:27Clinton Moreland-Stringham
Friday, October 2, 1998,0:55Steg Belsky
Friday, October 2, 1998,2:23Herman Miller
Thursday, October 1, 1998,19:39Pharamond Curtis
Thursday, October 1, 1998,17:21Pablo Flores
Thursday, October 1, 1998,16:43Sylvia Sotomayor
Thursday, October 1, 1998,13:29Carlos Thompson
Thursday, October 1, 1998,11:02Nik Taylor
Thursday, October 1, 1998,5:48Tom Wier
Thursday, October 1, 1998,4:18Sally Caves