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Eni -- a sort of self-introduction

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Saturday, August 3, 2002, 5:29
 I'm just a Hungarian teen who wants to make languages for those who're
interested in them. I recently found that I'm not alone with my love of
languages and making languages and well I'm there now.
 Well, I started language creation because of my in-progress novel titled Hia
and Mau. It's about an armadillo named Hia and a cat named Mau Rauser. And as
the world of cats became more "human", I started to develop it. (My diary is
written in cat hieroglyphs too) Well, until the last two months, its grammar
was a bit primitive :)
 First, instead of annoying descriptions, I start with a poem in the first of
my languages, Long Wer. (i have two langs, one is a language (Meyadhew)
sounding a bit like Quenya, and it's a lang spoken by the mammals of the whole
world -- it's a language with many different dialects and many synonimes,
around 7500 word and the other is a lang of the Cats (Long Wer), originally
sounding like Egyptian, now it's only the wrinting and some words which
connects to it :)

Áya runihíe! Neti qen te-sfíe. Hey, little dillo, I know what do you want
Mi tú geher ta diwer dorier, háte. But we have no time to sleep. Wake!
Ka Ria ud, net neb mawu qi qafu. Ré will win, that's what all cats are waiting
Liyet mey'ir, ún udo niy, amwesiliy. Come on, brother, our future is full of joy,
that's a shining new era.

-- Mau
Yú lawe ta Mau.


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