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Radicals and meanings a la Dwarvish

From:Marius Kempe <marius64@...>
Date:Sunday, February 10, 2002, 14:50
Hello all, I was just wondering...
I was hoping to include some sort of process in my
conlang from which words could be formed from and hint
at their own meaning. I toyed around with something
like, for example:
nt     wood
v      long
l      magic
r      life
so nt-v-l = long magic piece of wood = staff
and nt-v-r = long living piece of wood = tree
now lets assume that:
a-a    basic meaning
a-un   person
i-e    place
ntaval = a staff
ntuvel = staff-man
ntivel = staff-place
ntavar = a tree
ntuver = tree-man
ntiver = tree-place = forest?

Tolkien's Dwarvish has this to some extent, and
I've heard that Arabic has something like this but I
don't know anything about it...
Any thoughts?


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