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Re: Revised Zharranh page

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Sunday, February 8, 2004, 21:12
At 05:50 8.2.2004, Herman Miller wrote:

>For [j\], I'm using j-circumflex, firstly >because there isn't a precomposed z-comma, and secondly because it >doesn't sound like any kind of z at all.
I haven't been able to look at your page yet (we use dial-up connexion and my stepson is on the phone with his girlfriend) but... It would of course be possible to use plain _j_ for /j\/ and _y_ for /j/. Then there is the True Yogh (U+021D, U+021C) which IMHO is an ultracool candidate for /j\/. /BP 8^) -- B.Philip Jonsson (delete X) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Truth, Sir, is a cow which will give [skeptics] no more milk, and so they are gone to milk the bull." -- Sam. Johnson (no rel. ;)


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