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Re: Informants, etc.

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Thursday, March 13, 2003, 20:08
On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 12:11:54PM -0600, Peter Clark wrote:
> On Thursday 13 March 2003 11:45 am, Arthaey Angosii wrote: > > What this all boils down to is many of you have informants, and I want one > > too. :P Seriously(?) though, does people have other, erm, "methods" of > > learning/discovering their conlangs, besides the informant-route? I think > > I've seen people mention discovering historical documents and thus learning > > conlang/conculture that way. Any other means?
> Well, channeling might work, although I've never had any luck conjuring > up any Enamyn speakers from the spirit world. ;> So I'm stuck with > archaeology and ancient parchments.
[snip] The more advanced _hoKasanii'_ in the Ferochromon have telepathic abilities, although it is very weak outside the Ferochromon proper. But, depending on which role I'm playing, I may or may not be able to communicate with the Ebisedi via this route. ;-) T -- Sneak preview: actually it really sucks, but we're baiting you so that you'll pay for it anyway and we can cover our losses. And perhaps also convince you that the Emperor really is wearing invisible clothes.