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Re: Eru, the Word and Greek syntax (was Re: Finnish, IE, Germanic)

From:bnathyuw <bnathyuw@...>
Date:Monday, November 25, 2002, 19:55
 --- "Isaac A. Penzev" <isaacp@...> wrote:
> ObConlang: > -- Do your conlangs permit to express "predication > vector" in nominal > sentences like the Greek example above (A was B, but > B was not only > A)?
yes : normal predication : 1 X Y Per which comes out as something like 'X and Y have an existential relationship with each other', ie X and Y exist and are one and the same 2 X Perh Y comes out as 'X has existence in a Y fashion' and has a 'depleted' verb to indicate that this should be an equational sentence of type 1 but there's something wrong with it, ie, Y doesn't = X 3 X Per Y this simply says 'X exists Yly' and is the usual in adjectival sentences and when the predicate is not unique bn ===== bnathyuw | landan | arR stamp the sunshine out | angelfish your tears came like anaesthesia | phèdre __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Everything you'll ever need on one web page from News and Sport to Email and Music Charts