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Re: USAGE: 'born'

From:Dan Sulani <dnsulani@...>
Date:Sunday, May 13, 2001, 10:34
On 11 May, David Peterson wrote:


>I want >whoever posted this to e-mail the author and ask, because this really does >seem ridiculous to me.
Mea culpa! I originally posted the quotation about becoming (actually, my interest at the time was in the phrase "giving birth to itself" --- which idea still intrigues me.) Unfortunately, the magazine doesn't seem to have supplied any info on how to reach the author. I myself don't have the time to try and track him down. If anyone is really interested in trying, the relevant details are as follows: Author: Barry Graham Article: Star of Justice (letter from Phoenix) Magazine: Harper's Magazine, April 2001, pages 59 -68 Quote from: page 63 BTW, re "becoming", I'm also a ( young ;-) 53 ) native speaker of English. To me, the use of "becoming" in the sense of "attractive" is ok when referring to clothing of females of any age. I don't think that I myself would ever use it. Just for the record, when I read the article, I did not see the pun (although I do now). I would never say that something is "becoming" in the sense of developing. But, IMHO, literary license covers a multitude of sins, including mangling the lang slightly for effect, which is the way I understood it to be at the time I read it. Dan Sulani -------------------------------------------------------------------- likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a. A word is an awesome thing.