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CHAT/HUMOUR: conlang withdrawal

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Monday, June 10, 2002, 4:39
--- from the ever-amusing email-pal correspondences betwixt _moi_, Hanuman
Zhang, and Christophe Grandsire (who is working on the conlang journal in
absence of the daily fix of conlang list email, and thus is the context for
this short exchange):

CG: It's like a Conlang patch :))

HZ:  a la nicotine patch, eh 0_o?

CG: Yep. Keeps my conlangine level high enough in my blood (conlangine:
mysterious component which provokes dependence to the Conlang list and
related. Supposedly absorbed through the eyes when looking at a computer
filled with conlang-related things. Has relaxing effects comparable to
Its lack provokes also similar effects. Classified as hard drugs. Legal
not mentioned in any law text, thus not officially forbidden in any country.
Yet some people have warned of the desastrous effects of its consumption :))).

OBLANG: How the heck to say "conlangine" without stuttering?
    Me tongue finds it blinking hard to deal with the /Ni:n/ part of
Christophe's neologism... anyone else have the same problem?

Hanuman Zhang  {HANoomaan JAHng} /'hanuma~n  dZahN/

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