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Sing, sing a song, sing out loud...(was: Telek -- Invent a Language)

From:DOUGLAS KOLLER <laokou@...>
Date:Saturday, September 30, 2000, 18:13
From: "Marcus Smith"

> Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
> >Lovely! I didn't do anything nearly so interesting..."language," > >"speech" and "song" are all expressed by the same word in Chevraqis. > >Boring. <G>
> I like the combination of "speech" and "song". I wouldn't have thought of > that. It also shows the importance of singing to your culture -- I
presume. Géarthnuns combines the two, too, but in a different way. The notion of singing is expressed by a suffix, "-man". Thus, generic "sing" is "mölman" (speak-sing), "bzhöl" (lament, mourn) can become "bzhölman" (sing a lament), shkölman (sing a hymn)(praise-sing), ausüthman (sing an antiphon) (answer-sing), and so on... Originally, -man was restricted to verbs, but seems to be glomming onto other forms as well with increased usage. "Zdíaman" (sing an introit) ([loosely] begin-sing ['zdía' is not a verb proper]), ngíman (sing, ref. to birds)("ngí" is probably only onomatopoeic and has no meaning of its own unless I back-derive). "Sing the blues", as it's not an indigenous term, could probably be quasi-calqued as "sülíman" (blue-sing) when the time comes. Kou